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Hi, I'm Christian.


I'm originally from Bristol, United Kingdom, and moved to London back in 2008. I've worked in the technology sector for over a decade and couldn't imagine life without my Kindle or array of Apple products.


As a 90s kid whose a sucker for nostalgia, I love all things Nintendo64 and Gameboy. Saturday night double cheese pizzas, grainy UFO documentaries, Blockbuster trips, VHS tapes, rope swings and the EyeWitness CD ROMs for Windows 98. What a blissful time. 


I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by open field and streams and nature is a huge interest of mine. I have many fond memories as a child of catching newts, frogs, sticklebacks and slowworms just to observe for a while.


I'm a keen traveller and love microwaved plane food. I spent two years working and living in Tokyo, Japan and would one day like to visit the Amazon rainforest.

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