Jackson Harris longs for a simple life. But running Frequency Xero was never going to be straightforward…

It's the year 3998, and Humankind has ventured into the solar system. The Outer-Worlds - terraformed moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn - host thriving cities and spaceports, while on the outskirts of existence, Pluto entertains strips of seedy nightclubs and back-alley dealings.


For Jackson, life under the radar is all he’s ever known; as captain of the illegal freight company Frequency Xero, he’s well-versed in the clandestine dealings of the black market. An expert in moving contraband cargo discreetly and quickly, Jackson and his crew are always in high demand across the solar system.


It's a time of opportunity, but most know all too well to avoid Mars. The angry red planet is ruled by the ruthless supreme leader of the ominous Imperium Federation, which holds the planet in its clutches.

When a routine heist in the solar system’s busiest shipping lane goes astray, the Frequency Xero team find themselves caught in the crosshairs of the Imperium Federation’s pursuit of a high-profile Mars fugitive, led by the dangerous and merciless General Adams.


Could this be one smuggling job too many for Jackson and his crew? Or will they deliver more than the Imperium Federation has bargained for?


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