I'm Melanie. I write books that I would have wanted to read. I am inspired by Harry Potter (of course), The Far Away Tree, The Famous Five and lots of other books I read.


I want you to have books that you can see yourself in the character and reflect the diverse world we live in. Books that you can lie under the cover at night and read from cover to cover (don't tell your parents).


Hi, I'm Pollyanna, and I'm a pencil artist from Bristol, United Kingdom who has recently moved to to the beautiful Welsh valleys. I've always loved drawing, and there's something so amazingly captivating about starting with a blank page and ending with someone staring back at you!




My poems are raw writing straight from the heart and mind. They support mental health and are about various topics many of use can often relate to; love, friendship, loss, motherhood, happiness, pain and more, they are a balance between fiction and non-fiction with a touch of philosophy.